Welcoming January 2016



I can say that this is my month. Well because I was born on January 25. hehehe

This month is so complicated for me.

First, because my age is getting older by this month.

Second, because I am getting older means that I have to be wiser and smarter to arrange my life.

Third, this month makes me so confused ( I feel happy but on the other hand I feel so anxious and I worry about my life).

Since 2015 has gone, I never forget to be grateful to Allah SWT that has given me so many things. He made many things easier when my life got harder.

If you asked me, was your life perfect in 2015? Of course not.. I have faced many problems and I regret about something that I can't mention here.. Hopefully time will heal me soon....

My resolutions are made.... I have a lot of good plans this year.... I hope I can make all of my plans and dreams come true... aamiin Ya Rabb...

May happiness be mine in 2016 :)


  1. Selamat ganti tahun mba ^^ salam kenal semoga th ini jadi lebih baik yaa

    1. Hai Mbak Laili, Salam kenal juga ya... Terima kasih doanya... Semoga thn ini menjadi thn yg penuh barokah untuk kita... aamiin...


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